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ULTIMAT-Standard Case Studies

2010 Target Retail Install

Store Summary:

Mission Viejo, CA T-0300

Last Dated Asphalt Overlay: June 2004

ULTIMAT 2010 Pre-Install PCI Rating:


Overall Condition:

  • Minimal Raveling
  • Cracking Minimal
  • Minimal Mill and HT Repairs Needed
  • Overlay Joints Tight
  • Overall Clean Site

8-Year Follow Up

2018 Post-Install PCI Rating

(AET – Third Party Engineering Firm)


Overall Condition:

  • NO Raveling – Looks Great
  • Cracking – only a few reflective
    cracks present
  • Surface is Black and Smooth
  • Overall Very Clean Site


2010 Target Retail
Install T-0300: SUMMARY

The ULTIMAT PCI deterioration curve (right)
is revealing a 14 year performance life for this site.

Mission Viejo, CA T0300

Post-Install PCI Rating:

(AET – Third Party Engineering Firm)


Summary Continued

The PCI score prior to installation dictates
the performance life of ULTIMAT.

On lower PCI sites if adequate asphalt repairs
are implemented prior to the ULTIMAT install,
the performance life will be extended.

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